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Did you know...

Forensic imaging of hard drives should be routine at the onset of a problem. Certified forensic investigators have the proper tools and training to "Secure the Image" and ensure that all evidence retrieved will be admissible in court.

Forensic imaging is not the same...

as making a normal or backup copy of a hard drive. Forensic Images...

  • Follow specialized crucial procedures
  • Perform a bit-for-bit copy of every sector on the hard drive
  • Allow for later recovery of deleted files and deleted email
  • Allow for later recovery from slack and unallocated spaces
  • Are verified using a precise mathematical algorithm
  • Guarantee the copy and the original are identical to each other

Certified Computer Forensic Investigators...

All Forensic Pursuit analysts are CHFI and EnCE certified forensic investigators. They have the expertise and experience to help you get at important evidence that you may not even know existed.

Your IT Guy Cannot Do This!

While your IT people are very good at what they do, they are not trained in proper forensic techniques. Any copy made internally will likely not be admissible in court and deleted files will not be able to be retrieved.

When is Forensic Imaging Necessary?

Forensic investigations need to start with forensic images whenever a possibility exists that deleted information may be important to your case. There is only one way to preserve the ability to examine deleted information, and that's to secure a forensic image of every computer that may contain data relevant to your case.

Forensic images can be required of your client's computers as a one-stop way to comply with a preservation order, or you may need to secure forensic images of computers on the other side. Either way, Forensic Pursuit's experts can help you determine what you need and the most efficient way to go about collecting it.


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