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Forensic Pursuit provides expert computer forensic investigation, preventative forensic, e-discovery and educational services to attorneys, businesses and individuals worldwide. Established in 2006, Forensic Pursuit has become a leader in emerging forensic technology, setting standards of excellence at every level.

Computer Forensics...

Forensic Pursuit investigates and analyzes computer data which involves identification, preservation, extraction, interpretation, and documentation of electronic evidence.

Forensic Pursuit cases involve...

  • Corporate espionage investigation performed in Kuwait
  • Software and intellectual property theft investigations
  • Email authenticity and fraud investigations
  • Employee trade secret theft cases
  • Deleted email recovery for wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Expert testimony at depositions, hearings and trials
  • Warranty fraud investigations / breach of contract cases
  • Arson investigations
  • Murder/suicide investigations
  • Critical analysis of opposing forensic expert reports
  • Copyright infringement investigations
  • CD-R investigation in defamation lawsuit
  • Malicious file deletion cases
  • Spoliation
  • Capital Murder

Education Providers...

Forensic Pursuit offers computer forensic and e-discovery classes taught at your law firm or place of business. Dedicated workshops are scheduled throughout the year for businesses, attorneys and individuals. Attorney classes are accredited through the Colorado Supreme Court Board of CLE. Talk with one of our representatives and learn how you can sign-up for a computer forensics course in your area.

Forensic Pursuit analysts have been faculty members and instructors at major events, organizations and prestigious law firms...

  • Colorado Defense Lawyers Association
  • Multiple Bar Associations
  • CO Association of Litigation Support Managers
  • Family Law Institute
  • Inns of Court
  • Colorado Administrative Law Judges
  • 50 + individual law firms

Your IT Guy Cannot Do This!

While your IT people are very good at what they do, they are not trained in proper forensic techniques. Any copy made internally will likely not be admissible in court and deleted files will not be able to be retrieved.


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